Before YOU Sign

5 questions to ask Your interviewer about

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Let's face it. Your first job interviews out in the real world can be pretty intimidating. Especially if your new company wants you to sign a non-compete. This is like the student loan of the logistics world. It locks you into staying with a company you don't even know if you'll like yet. Legally. How unfair is that? Here's some things to ask about before you sign.

  1. What will I be required to sign as part of my employment?
  2. Is there anything I can do to be exempted from signing the non-compete?
  3. If I were to leave the company in the future, what is the length of time I would be prohibited from working for a competitor?
  4. May I talk to any current or former employees to get their take on the business culture at this company?
  5. May I have a legal professional review the paperwork I’m being asked to sign?